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T H E  G R I G L I A T O  C H E F S  R A C K

The chefs rack is fully customizable to your needs. This one was built out of frustration from searching dark cabinets for pots & pans as well as being tired of looking at a bunch of random kitchen stuff piled on top of the fridge. 

This one is only 12" deep. Deep enough to hold everything we need, but not so deep that it interrupts walking through the kitchen. 7' tall, putting the pots & pans at a very reachable height, and 38" wide because that's what fit our space. 

The expanded metal shelving is fully welded in on all sides, so there's no sharp edges. And the rack is powder coated with a clear paint, leaving the beauty of the metal to shine through. Also, this paint leaves the piece pleasant to touch and easy to clean.

The bar going across the top of the back of the rack has slide-able brackets that adjust according to where the studs in your wall are for a solid, easy installation. No worries about it falling over.

If you think this is something you might be interested in for your own space, please get in touch! We can work on how to optimize the design to fit your space and needs. 

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